BWBB on the kelly Clarkson show

#bethedifference campaign

We were also given a $50,000 donation!
After our NPR Marketplace story aired we were contacted by the Kelly Clarkson Show. Both Shelley and Quanshay were both interviewed remotely for the 9/22/20 segment. It was a great opportunity to reach a larger audience. We are very grateful to Kelly for the donation and the awesome experience.

segment description/intro…

Kelly Clarkson launched a campaign called #BeTheDifference, which amplifies Black voices and businesses across the country. Usher and Kelly sat down with Shelley Halstead, the founder of Black Women Build, an organization that teaches Black women to build and restore their own homes in the Baltimore area. A first time homeowner named Quanshay, also calls in to thank Shelley for everything she has done—and Kelly surprises them both with a life-changing donation to their organization.

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