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Black Women Build – Baltimore is a home ownership and wealth building initiative built on an intersectional model. Our goal is to create opportunities for Black women, and their communities, to thrive. 
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Our program is an innovative home ownership initiative that works with Black women to rehabilitate vacant and deteriorated homes. Our holistic program integrates knowledge, skill, and opportunity. We meet M-Th 9 – 3 for 4 months and participants have the opportunity to purchase the home upon completion.


We want to help create, support, and nurture thriving communities.
Our hope is that the rehabilitation of these West Baltimore homes, and their first-time Black women homeowners, is a spark that can inspire change, build lasting connections between community members, and be a catalyst for positive growth.


North Station Tool LibraryThe power of knowledge and skills is life changing. We want Black women to be able to take care of their home and not be intimidated by what’s behind the walls. 

The knowledge and skills learned during the build can also open doors to job opportunities in the Building Trades with reliable income.


Financial education and training create a foundation of knowledge that can help participants leverage their assets.

Participants in our program earn a Home Ownership Counseling certificate from a city-approved counseling agency at start of each build. We compliment this education with weekly workshops during the build that cater to specific needs of the individual cohorts.

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Druid Heights

Baltimore, MD 21217

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Creating community, knowledge, and wealth together.

This project is supported in part by:
Bank of America
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Baltimore Department of Housing & Community Development Grant

Black Women Build-Baltimore is an equal employer. You do not need to identify as Black or a woman to apply but as a mission-based organization, we center Black women. 

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