Black Women Build – Baltimore (BWBB)
Donation Policy
BWBB seeks outright donations that are consistent with our mission. Donations generally will be accepted from individuals, partnerships, corporations, organizations, government agencies or other entities without limitations—unless acceptance of donations from a specific source is inconsistent with the organization’s beliefs, values and mission.
BWBB will not accept donations from companies whose products may be harmful to our participants or from donors whose requests for public recognition are incompatible with our philosophy of appreciation.
Donor information that should be private and confidential will not be made public.
Online Donation Acknowledgement Policy
  1. Online donations will be acknowledged in some fashion within three business days.
  2. Online donations will be recorded in Kindful, the system of record.
  3. All acknowledgements and receipts will include the appropriate IRS language, a message about our tax status, and our Employer Identification Number. a. For example, a donation where no goods or services were exchanged: “No goods or services were received in exchange for this donation. The full amount of this contribution is tax-deductible as allowed by law. Black Women Build – Baltimore is a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization, EIN 82-1982378.
  1. BWBB will actively seek to protect and hold secure all donor information. We will not share this information with any other organization except at the specific request of the donor or as required by law.
  2. Only BWBB staff whose duties require it will have access to donor information. All staff (paid or volunteer) will sign a confidentiality agreement to this effect.
  3. Affected parties will be notified within 24 business hours of discovery of a breach of privacy or confidentiality.
  4. Donors have the right to their own data and BWBB will comply with requests to share their full information profile and record, once we have sufficient confirmation of identity.
  5. Donors have the right to opt-out of communications and have their profiles and information archived. BWBB will comply with such requests in a timely fashion, once we have sufficient confirmation of identity.
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Building community, knowledge, and wealth together.

This project is supported in part by:
Bank of America
Baltimore Department of Housing & Community Development Grant

Black Women Build-Baltimore is an equal employer. You do not need to identify as Black or a woman to apply but as a mission-based organization, we center Black women. 

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