2021 Zumtobel Group Award - Innovations for Sustainability and Humanity in the Built Environment | category: Urban Developments & Initiatives


The international expert jury presented the prizes to just 3 projects, we of are very happy to have been recognized in the Urban Developments & Initiatives category.

about this award

Zumtobel Group Award – Innovations for Sustainability and Humanity in the Built Environment
‘For the moment we are seeing that there is a clear tendency of stronger environmental concepts, there is a clear tendency of looking at holistic projects in a different way. In architecture a lot of rewards are relevant, but the Zumtobel Group Award is the only one focussing on environmental issues, and only on this, whether it’s innovation, whether it’s urban, whether it’s the building category. By doing that, they are taking a clear stand in relationship to where they see their contribution into the future go forward. The Zumtobel Group is setting a certain standard, not only for the world out there, but also for themselves, and it is extremely important now to see the continuation of these things happening into the future.

— Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, Snøhetta Architects and Chairman of the juSnøhetta Architects and Chairman of the jury

our category

Urban Developments & Initiatives
‘We are very proud that we selected this project because initiatives like this are not only important to solve local problems, but also as a global sign for what the future might look like.” — Jury, Zumtobel Group Award
This category is dedicated to projects on an urban scale: city development/planning strategies, master plans, public space projects and landscape architecture. It also includes ongoing research projects and social initiatives in an urban context. The award targets innovative urban developments that are in progress or have been realised in the last four years (15 January 2017 until 15 May 2021) as well as ongoing research into the improved implementation of sustainability and humanity. Aiming to encourage an emerging generation of researchers and practitioners in architecture and urban design, the award in this category seeks to facilitate and promote inventive urban projects. Furthermore, it targets interdisciplinary work to address urban challenges in more efficient and intelligent ways. This can also include new practices or inventive methods to optimise planning and building processes. Individuals or groups from university contexts, architects, urban and landscape planners, NGOs and private or public initiatives are eligible.
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