We want every applicant to have a clear understanding of the Program process, from start to end. We offer support and encouragement at every phase, and we expect each Applicant/Program homebuyer to be committed to the positive impact of creating community, knowledge, and wealth together.
Each applicant will have their own path through the application/qualification process.
While some applicants may be ready with a lender pre-approval letter in hand, others might need to take some time to increase their credit and/or savings levels. An approved first time Homebuyer Education (HBE) workshop can help you identify your readiness. Understanding your purchase power will help us identify which home is appropriate for your financial means.
We believe that having the skills to maintain your home is an integral part of home ownership. Through our Partner Organization classes you will create a foundation of practical skills and experiences to support this goal.

Creating community - creating community doesn't happen overnight, we want to provide the tools and resources to build strong community

Financial literacy - whether you are a savings account pro or new to the process, we have strategies to help you succeed

Homecare skills - maintaining your home, understanding what's happening behind the walls and common maintenance tasks for a healthy home

Tool literacy - Tools 101. What should be in your toolbox and how to safely use each one

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Creating community, knowledge, and wealth together.

This project is supported in part by:
Bank of America
Baltimore Department of Housing & Community Development Grant

Black Women Build-Baltimore is an equal employer. You do not need to identify as Black or a woman to apply but as a mission-based organization, we center Black women. 

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Construction skills

Our practical construction skills are designed to demystify what happens behind the walls in a home, and offer foundational knowledge to maintain a home independently. This knowledge plays a critical role in the longterm care of a home***.

creating community + financial literacy

We understand that gender, race, and poverty affect women of color differently from other groups. In tandem with the construction-based skill training, we also work with partner organizations to provide workshops in***; financial literacy counseling and best practices, and community leadership strategies.

Home Ownership

To bring home ownership to Black women in Baltimore. To create wealth and build community by dismantling the barriers that work against our ability to thrive.